Thursday, June 7, 2012

Task List!

Hello again. I found this Task List through one of the links on my teacher's web page and it seems very useful to monitor my progress (and to feel that I'm moving forward towards the essay's final version). I'll check each box as a complete the task.

Skills Needed
Read the question or brief and understand what you are required to do. Think about the subject, the purpose and the audience.
thinking academically
Think about what you know about the subject. Write it down in some way.
Diagrams or notes.
Go to the library and find relevant books or articles.
library/research skills
Reading list.
Find the books on your reading list - if you have one - and study them.
reading skills: skimming and scanning
List of materials studied.
Make notes on these books and articles.
Record full details of the materials you use.
reading in detail
selecting & note-taking
Organise your piece of work.
Type or write your first draft.
writing from notes
writing paragraphs
First draft.

Discuss your first draft informally with friends, other members of your class and your lecturer if possible.
speaking skills
listening skills
discussion skills
List of revisions/changes.

Revise your first draft, bearing in mind any comments that were made in your discussions.
Go back to 2. if necessary
Produce your second draft.
use of dictionaries & reference books
writing introduction & conclusion
quoting/writing a list of references
Second draft.

Proofread your draft.

checking for spelling mistakes
checking punctuation and grammar
checking vocabulary use
checking style
checking organisation, references etc.
checking for plagiarism
Writing with changes marked.

Produce a final typed version.
writing title/contents page
Final piece of work.

Check everything.
final check
Hand in.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hello there!

Writing in English, especially when English is a foreign language to you, can be quite a challenge. This challenge becomes nerve-racking when it is framed in an academic context, and the clock starts ticking towards a due date.

Well, that's my case :) My name is Beatriz Rodríguez. I'm a third semester Modern Languages student at the University of The Andes (ULA, by its acronym in Spanish) in Mérida, Venezuela.

In this blog I'll post the steps I'm following to write an argumentative essay for my Reading and Writing II class, including:

Brainstorming  -  Researching  -  Outlining  -  Drafting  -  Editing  -  Writing the final version.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, give recommendations or just browse through the blog.